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We have the best guarantee in the industry for a reason — the CSI Saddlepad WORKS!

The CSI Saddlepad has been helping keep horse’s safe, sound and comfortable under saddle for over a decade. We know our pad works. We want you to know that as well, so we have one of the best guarantee’s in the industry. 30 days — ride it and try it, get it dirty — guarantee. This means you can buy your CSI Saddlepad, actually use it for 30 days and, if it doesn’t work, return it for a full refund of the purchase price. We realize the CSI Pad is an investment — but it is an investment that will pay you back many times over.

Ridden by the Best in the Industry

CSI Saddlepads are trusted by top rodeo athletes, competitors, performers, clinicians and trainers because these industry professionals know how important it is to keep their equine partners healthy, comfortable and performing at the top of their game.

Meet the CSI Elite Team.

The CSI saddle pad is truly unique. Don’t be fooled by the knock-offs.

There are many good saddle pads on the market, but the CSI Saddlepad is the only one with the patented CSI Flex-plate®. This in-pad plate makes an amazing difference in a number of ways:

  • Creates a larger footprint for the saddle tree.
  • Evenly distributes bar pressure, rider’s weight and impact.
  • Increases range of motion and overall performance.
  • Keeps you safer because your horse is more willing and comfortable.
  • Fewer chiropractic and massage therapy visits.

The CSI Saddlepad has been proven on the ranch, on the trail, in the arena and at the rodeo. It is trusted and ridden by top clinicians and competitors.

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Handmade in the USA

The CSI Saddlepad is manufactured in the USA — right in the heartland of Missouri. Our team takes pride in the product they produce. These smiling faces are the ones who make the CSI Saddlepad the best pad available today.

It really is all about the horse.

The CSI Saddlepad is known for it’s ability to help competitive horses achieve maximum performance and it is also perfect for keeping your best friend trail horse comfortable and safe.

Every horse — regardless of discipline, breed, age or conformation — can benefit from the CSI Saddlepad. It was designed by horse people for horses.

The CSI Saddlepad was made to last because we know that owning horses can be an expense. The average lifespan of the outer pad with the CSI Flex-Plate is over 10 years and our reversible liners average three years between replacements.

Listen to a message from CEO and Founder, Donna Saddoris, as she talks about the CSI’s history and mission. Press the PLAY button!

CSI Saddlepads is committed to educating horse owners on better saddle fit.

It is our mission to make sure you and your horse both enjoy riding — but that’s not possible when your horse is uncomfortable or in pain. That’s why we created the CSI Saddlepad. We also know to fulfill our mission, we need to do MORE than just manufacture a saddle pad. Educating and communicating with our customers and the horse community about good saddle fit is something we take very seriously.

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“The CSI Pad has not only eliminated soreness, it has improved our horses performance each time we run in the arena. We will endorse the CSI Saddlepads every where we go.” Trish Lynn, American Cowgirl Chicks


“This is such a great product and I will support and promote these pads for a long time! This pad fixed my horses and I bet they can do the same for you. Give the pad a try- what do you have to lose!?”  Sara
from Texas

“My horse is the type of horse that will tell me right away if something isn’t the slightest bit right. Since I have started using the CSI Pad, he has been super happy. I honestly can say I will not ride him in anything else.” Gina Humes


Step 1:

Choose your length. We offer 32 and 30 inch lengths on all our saddle pads. Remember, our pads are individually hand made, so the length may vary PLUS each pad is contoured so please take into account that the measurement of 32 or 30  inches is at the wear leather, not the backstrap. Click here to visit our CSI Lineup Page for a full set of measurements on each pad shape.

Step 2:

Choose your liner thickness. The CSI Saddlepad is a two-layer system. The inside layer velcros out for easy replacement and cleaning. This layer acts as the shock absorber. Choose a 3/4 inch for most horses, trail riding, roping, ranching and general purpose. Choose 1/2 inch for mutton withered, round backed or horses from 6 to 12 years old with a good fitting saddle.

Step 3:

Choose your pads shape. The CSI Saddlepad comes in square, round, sport and showcut shapes. Choose the one that fits your specific needs the best. The Flex-plate is the same in all the shapes, so don’t worry, you really can’t make a mistake here.

Step 4:

Choose your pad color and wear leathers. This is the fun part! Choose from five base colors (brown, gray, tan, black and blue). Then add standard wear leathers or customize your pad with tooling, inlays or laser engraving.

Standard Square

Sport Cut

Show Cut (concealable under a Navajo)

Round Skirt