CSI English Style Saddlepads

The heart of the CSI Flex-Plate® Saddlepad is the CSI Flex-Plate®, and now this effective tool is available for the English riding enthusiast. CSI now offers the English GP (Grand Prix) Saddlepad. This pad works with general purpose, some dressage and forward seat style saddles as well as gaited horse saddles based on an English saddle trees. englishline


The English GP pad offers the same layered design as our Western pad system so it’s perfect for horses with englishonsaddleconformation and back issues that affect saddle fit. It’s also perfect for schooling horses so they don’t get sore from hard work. You can choose from a variety of inserts for the English GP pad including 1/4?, 1/2? and 3/4? 100% all natural wool felt and 100% Merino wool. The English GP pad starts at $300 and priced based upon insert. Some riders may want to go with our Small Sport pad because it features a larger footprint. (This pad is also excellent for Australian Saddles — especially those made by Australian Stock Saddle Company). It has the same Flex-Plate as the GP but features a larger surface area and accommodation for a larger saddle fender. You can see what it looks like under a saddle at right. We recomend the Small Sport Cut pad for jumpers and eventers. The CSI Flex-Plate® is designed to work with a horse’s anatomy and takes into account both muscle and bone structure as well how the equine back shape relates to typical western saddle tree design. When combined with the felt insert layer, the CSI Flex-Plate® Saddlepad virtually eliminates pressure points and back soreness. No matter how well your saddle fits, the CSI Flex-Plate® will make a difference in your ride.

Colors and Options

Our entire English pad line is available with your choice of 1/2 or 3/4 inch replaceable all natural wool liner. See our Step by Step How To to determine which size(s) will best fit your needs.

CSI makes pads in black, brown, light brown, burgundy, blue and gray. Our standard wear leathers come in brown or black. Black wear leathers only look good on black pads but we will put them on blue and gray pads; they are not recommended for brown, light brown, or burgundy. Wear leather color wall vary from pad to pad because hide color varies from cow to cow.colorslong

We also offer a host of custom options including laser engraving and Rodeo Drive conchos which allow you to personalize your CSI Saddlepad and make it uniquely yours! See our Custom Pad page for more information.


All CSI Saddlepads are backed by a 60 day money back ride it and try it (so go get it dirty) guarantee PLUS a five year Flex-Plate and workmanship warranty. If the Flex-Plate should fail — or you find any other manufacturer defect — within five years of purchase we will repair or replace your pad free of charge.

Price and Ordering

jumpingOur English pad line is priced starting at $300 for the GP and $350 for the Pony or Small Sports Cut.. Either pad will come with your choice of 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch replaceable all natural wool liner. Replacement liners are $100 each for the GP and $150 for the Pony or Small Sport Cut. The liner that comes with your pad will last one to three years depending upon care and use.

Custom wear leathers and options are available for an additional cost. See our Custom Pad page for more information.

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