The Amazing Difference

How CSI Saddlepads compare to other saddle pads …

The CSI Saddlepad is unique among all the pads on the market today. What makes the difference is the CSI Flex-Plate. The video below shows our Pressure Challenge demonstration so you can see first hand how the CSI Flex-Plate dispreses pressure versus our competition. We recommend you come see us at a show and experience the difference for yourself!

The CSI Flex-Plate stands up to the pressure.

pressuretest300 plus pounds of pressure is nothing for the CSI Flex-Plate to disperse — we’ll make a hands down bet on that fact — guaranteed! If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the CSI Flex-Plate difference, visit our booth at upcoming equine expo or show and get prepared to be impressed. You can also visit our FaceBook page (go to the videos) to see some of our customers experience the pressure test first hand.

Visit us at an expo or event to take the hands on CSI Pressure Challenge to FEEL exactly how much better our Flex-Plate can disperse pressure compared to our competitors. If you can’t attend a show or expo where we’re going to be soon, then watch this demonstration and read our “What Riders Say” testimonials.